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@creativeonion press

I have the privilege of being publisher of this small, upstart indie publishing company. We're purveyors of the magical, the real, and the creatively nonfiction.


An alliance of misfits; we fight evil by talking about what we love. Original fiction, fanfiction, cospoetry, essays, humor, and reviews exposing the importance of the nerdly arts.

The @creativeonion Network

My friends and I have honest conversations about things that matter through journalism, poetry, and weird shit. It's also where I create exclusive content for members.

Places I've Written


I'm the Michigan correspondent for this national, digital cannabis publication. Independent, of course.


Former Twitter co-founder Ev William's blogging platform and I go back to 2016. We're not currently on speaking terms, but much of my work is still there.

Issue Media Group

I've written about homelessness, housing, business, ecology, and local issues for Issue's Grand Rapids-based arm, Rapid Growth Media.

Here and There in Print...

My work has been featured in a few print publications, including Belt Publishing's Grand Rapids Grassroots: An Anthology, ArtPrize Magazine, Dyer-Ives' 2017 Voices Poetry Competition Chapbook, and Bandit Zine.

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