About me

This is my typewriter.

I bought it off off eBay when I was 15, so that I could make my creative writing process more efficient. Typing on a computer sapped my creativity, I felt, but handwriting was too slow to capture my ideas. My solution was a mint condition portable 1963 Royal Deluxe typewriter. Bought for $375 with my own paycheck.

I’ve been finding better ways to tell stories since I was a teenager — literally. A creative writing degree and marketing career later, and I’m still hunting. And I still have my pink typewriter.

Every day, I work to apply my skills to the things that matter the most — whether as a publisher, a freelance creative director, teacher,  journalist, or poet. I aim to be a better human, and, through my work, a bridge in a world that’s thirsty for connection.

Pink typewriter

Career Cliff Notes

My bachelor’s is in Creative Writing with a minor in Anthropology — which means I understand people, and I can communicate with them in creative ways.

I built a successful career as an independent contractor nearly ten years ago, which means I value time--both mine and others'.

Creative Director; Co-Founder; Brand Manager; Publisher; Digital Marketing Implementation Specialist; Office Manager; Telemarketer; Board Member; Communications Chair; Breadwinner; Volunteer; Mom — these are a few of the titles I’ve held in my career.

I currently teach the Business Side of Design at Kendall College of Art & Design, and I love it.

I’ve been a local journalist for six years and currently write about homelessness, child support enforcement, housing, and other issues  for RapidGrowthMedia.

I’ve been published in some other places, too, including in Dyer-Ives 2017 Poetry Competition chapbook “Voices”, Grand Rapids Grassroots: An Anthology, and in ArtPrize Journal 2017.